Medical image data management solutions for the Healthcare and Life Sciences industries

IBIS systems are technically innovative, enterprise-class, highly scalable image data management solutions designed to enable the medical image community to streamline business process, improve data quality and reduce costs and to substantially increase overall performance, throughput and productivity.

 Some key features provided by our systems: 

- Workflow: Rich suite of secure SOA-based services with JMS messaging to enable workflow, facilitating end-to-end management and control of the data and of the data management process. 

- Integration: SOA-based "adapter" services to facilitate integration with third party systems, automated analysis algorithms, DICOM workstations, etc.

- Scalability: Engineered, benchmarked scalability at database, application server and system levels with demonstrated ability to scale linearly to match future growth

-  Security: Secure management of all medical image data with multi-layered security including authentication, authorization, access control and full audit trail of all activity on the system.

- Data Storage: Single, centralized repository for all data, both medical image data and related metadata, using Oracle Multimedia DICOM for image data. Streamlined data backup and archive and no more storage of image data on the file system.

Performance: Highly optimized to provide extreme performance and high throughput for data-intensive and high-volume processes

- Data Quality: Configurable data quality templates for guaranteed data quality

- Data Review: Multiple options for image data review, including built-in lightweight viewer and easily configured interface for integration with more robust third-party viewers. Integration options with Content Management systems for status/progress/summary reports