IBIS Technology Overview

IBIS is a software company. Our singular focus is to provide enterprise-class solutions to our clients in clinical research and healthcare.

All software development at IBIS is conducted using a structured, well-documented methodology as specified in our Quality Process which, in turn, is governed by a robust set of Standard Operating Procedures.  Our methodology is mature and has benefited both from regular review and from client input. 


All formal design is conducted using UML. 


Our software is built using Java EE with Oracle WebLogic Server and Oracle Database 11g. (The middle tier can be switched out and replaced with any Java EE Application Server)


We use a combination of automated and manual testing. All testing is documented with formal review and approval.


Our systems are designed, implemented and tested with a strong focus on performance. All critical components are benchmarked for enterprise-class performance.

Installation Qualification

We provide a  comprehensive set of default Installation Qualification documentation for all deployments. These can be adapted on a per-client basis as necessary. 


We support deployments in-house, using managed hosting and as a cloud-based image. 


We provide maintenance and support for all our systems. We also provide training materials - and training, if required - along with a complete set of System and User Manuals.