Key Technology Features

-  Oracle Product Support: Oracle Linux v5.5, Oracle Database 11g R2 and Oracle Exadata ready.

-  Web Services: A suite of REST API Web Services provides comprehensive capabilities for data upload, extract/normalization, verification/validation, review, download and image viewing. These Services are supported by a set of complementary internal enterprise EJB Services for logging, audit trail, security and business logic. Additionally, Services-based "adapters" with JMS messaging facilitate integration with third-party systems, analysis algorithms and DICOM workstations. All services are secured using the system security model. IBIS provides sample implementations of a REST API client interface in Java, Javascript and .NET.

-  Repository: All IBISimg data, including medical image data, are stored in the system database. The system uses Oracle Database 11g Multimedia DICOM for storage of the DICOM medical image data, eliminating file-system-based image data storage. Benefits include optimized image data storage and retrieval, normalization of the DICOM header data, the option to put in place complex data quality specifications, and streamlining of the data backup and archival processes.

-  Scalability/Performance: IBISimg has been benchmarked for performance, data throughput and scalability. Using an engineered system environment, we have measured system performance at up to 29 times faster than equivalent tests on commodity hardware, measured data throughput at over 1TB of data per hour and demonstrated linear scalability with almost zero performance degradation for up to 800 concurrent users. Finally, for image review, we have recorded sub-second time-to-first-image for sample sets of MR, PET and CT data.

-  Deployment Options: IBISimg may be deployed as an enterprise solution on internal hardware or as a hosted or cloud-based solution on third-party hardware. Web Services may be used for integration with third-party systems including remote DICOM repositories.