IBISimg uses innovative technologies to provide a long-term, cost-effective, future-proof solution that will scale to suit your business needs. The system delivers unique capabilities that address many of the key challenges facing the medical image data management community, enabling the enterprise to improve quality of care, streamline and integrate business processes, reduce operational costs and begin the process of moving to a truly vendor neutral platform.

Key Business Benefits

-  Logical consolidation of medical image data from disparate sources into a single, central, high-performance repository. 

-  Integration of medical image data workflow across the enterprise using Web Services and enterprise infrastructure. Streamlined data management and transfer processes with robust functionality to support the loading, aggregation, storage, viewing, downloading and reporting of medical image data, related annotations, measurements and metadata.

-  Real-time, global access to medical image data, facilitating remote data review, data sharing and collaboration.

-  Vendor-neutral and Viewer-neutral platform

-  Higher productivity, increased efficiency and improved quality of care for clinicians

-  Higher productivity, increased efficiency and reduced cost for operational activities

-  Improved decision support with opportunity to use automated image analysis workflow in support of clinical review

-  Enhanced data management capability enabled by a comprehensive study management module and supported by seamless integration with major back-end systems.

-  Automatic application of data quality and data consistency specifications.

-  Compliance with regulatory requirements and industry data standards.