Features include the following:

 -  Fully defined repository for all ECG data and metadata

-  Web-based Presentation Layer for Global Access

o    SVG-based interactive ECG viewer for ECG measurement and annotation 

-  Robust, configurable Security Model

o    LDAP or Native authentication

o    User/Role/Privilege grid for authorization

o    Data Access Control at System and Study level

-  Data Acquisition interface

o    aECG XML with extensions, GE XML, Mortara XML

o    ASCII

o    PDF

-  Data Quality Control : Sophisticated QC and Data Format capability to ensure quality and completeness of the data

-  Data Review/Reporting interface

-  Transformation Service for seamless integration with back-end systems

o    Study Management system - for Project/Study creation and management

o    Clinical Data Management System - for ASCII- and XML-based metadata integration

o    Submissions System - for export of digital ECG data in the aECG format

-  Data-driven, configurable system administration and control

-  Event-driven, user-configurable notifications for all major events on the system

-  System Personalization